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Welcome Magazin 2016

NEUE KONTAKTE Fotos: shutterstock/ nikiteev_konstantin, onot, Nataliia Machula; picsfive - „Ama gschengda Gaul guggd mr ned ens Maul.“ = Einem geschenkten Pferd schaut man nicht ins Maul. = Roughly translated: “You don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth”. This phrase means that you should always accept a gift with gratitude rather than criticize it. „Nix gsagt isch gnug globt.“ = Nichts gesagt ist genug gelobt. = Roughly translated: “No complaints are com- pliment enough”. Swabians are a bit stingy when it comes to giving praise. If your boss doesn’t say anything about the quality of your work, then it probably means he or she is satisfied. If it were bad, you’d know it. Anzeige Bibliothek / Library Books, Magazines, DVDs Sprachen / Languages English, Spanish, German Kultur / Culture Talks, Films, Music, Dialogues Information Study, Work, Travel & Life in the USA Get Connected! Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Karlstr. 3 • 72072 Tübingen Tel.: 07071-795 26-0 Tel.: 07071-79526-0