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Welcome Magazin 2016

GUT BERATEN The legal system can be complicated at times, to say the least. Are parents liable for their children? Generally, yes. Children and adolescents enjoy special protection. Children under the age of 7 cannot be held liable, and after that only under certain conditions. Since parents are legally obligated to assume super- visory responsibility for their children, they are also liable for their children’s actions. This may even entail criminal penalties. However, it always depends on the specific circumstances. Let’s take the construction site sign “Eltern haften für ihre Kinder” (or “Parents are liable for their children”), for example: Even with supervision, it may be possible for children to enter a construction site. It then becomes the burden of the owners to prove whether the site was adequately secured. There is a German road sign that warns against toads. Really? Toads? Yes, no kidding! With the first signs of spring, toads, salamanders, frogs, and amphibians of all kinds hit the road to migrate to the spawning waters where they were born. Once there, they will lay their eggs. During their journey, they are often forced to cross the road. That’s why springtime in Germany goes hand in hand with this following warning for drivers: Caution, toads! Anzeige Ihr Scout für die regionale Wirtschaft! Nutzen Sie uns bei allen Fragen, die ein Standortwechsel mit sich bringt: • Kennenlernen von Stadt und Umgebung • Erstellen notwendiger Dokumente • Haus und Wohnungssuche Nutzen Sie unsere effizienten Angebote: • Eigene möblierte Wohnungen • Begleitung bei Behördengängen • Netzwerken auch für die Partner … damit Sie sich schnell zu Hause fühlen. Your scout for the regional economy! Make use of our services for all the questions involved in relocation: • Getting to know the city and the surrounding area • Elaborating all the necessary documentation • Finding houses and apartments Make use of our efficient offers: • Our own furnished apartments • Assistance with government agencies • Networks, also for the partners … so that you feel at home quickly. LaRue Melanchthonstraße 14 72770 Reutlingen Fon 0 71 21 - 90 97 69-0 Fax 0 71 21 - 90 97 69-9 Standorte • Wohnungssuche • Services WER vor lauter Schildern die Straße nicht mehr sieht, darf auch mal den logischen Men- schenverstand einschalten. Dann hilft vorausschauend fahren, Schulterblick nicht vergessen und Rücksicht auf die anderen Verkehrsteilnehmer nehmen. Foto: Juliar Studio/ Fon 07121 - 909769-0 Fax 07121 - 909769-9