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Welcome Magazin 2016

Welcome! 57 FREIE ZEIT Biking is a favorite activity here in the Neckar-Alb Region. To hilly? No pro- blem! Nowadays, countless e-bike rental stations mean that no route is too hard. The town of Münsingen, for example, even put together a few tour sug- gestions just for e-bikers and offers rentable 2-wheelers at the local Mobility Center. There are also tours for the more athletic bikers who prefer a classic bike to an e-bike. Take this route starting in Reutlingen, for example: Start by pedaling through the town of Honau all the way up to Lichtenstein Castle. From there, you can bike through Genkingen and up to the 869-meter-high Rossberg. Then coast down a steep, narrow, winding path through the forest until you reach Gönningen. From there, the circuit route leads past Hofgut Alteburg and back to Reutlingen. Anzeige AN DER LAUTER GENUSSKULTUR IM LAUTERTAL C A F É K A F F E E R Ö S T E R E I C H O C O L AT E R I E S E I F E N M A N U FA K T U R 72532 Gomadingen-Dapfen · Lautertalstr. 65 · · Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch bis Samstag 14 - 19 Uhr · Sonntag 10 - 19 Uhr K A F F E E R Ö S T E R E I C H O C O L AT E R I E S E I F E N M A N U FA K T U R FRÜHSTÜCKS- ZEIT IM LAGERHAUS Sonn- & Feiertage von 10-12 Uhr Foto: shutterstock/Laralova