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Welcome Magazin 2016

FREIE ZEIT Landkreis Reutlingen • Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne • Naturtheater Reutlingen • Naturtheater Hayingen • Reutlinger Theateroffensive • Theater PATATI-PATATA • Theater Sturmvogel • Figuren Theater Tübingen • Reutlinger Puppengesindel Landkreis Tübingen • LTT Landestheater Württemberg-Hohenzollern • Zimmertheater • Theater Hammerschmiede • Alte Kelter Pfäffingen • Theater am Torbogen • Kindertheater Theo Tiger • Vorstadttheater • Harlekin Theater Landkreis Zollernalb • Thalia-Theater • Theater Lindenhof • Volkstheater Balingen • Bisinger Brettle • Kleinkunstbühne K3 Winterlingen THEATER, THEATER With over 20 theaters in the Neckar-Alb Region, the only dif- ficulty will be to make up your mind about which one you want to visit next. Or better yet, just visit them all! Here’s a sneak peek at the brilliant performances in store: The Landestheater Tübingen – which just so happens to be the largest in the regi- on – puts on everything from the classics to the more modern, lesser known, and unconventional pieces. Or would you like to see something typically Swabian? The Theater Lindenhof in Melchingen offers not only Swabian classics, but also an ama- zing view of the wide, open valley. Those who prefer a sophisti- cated puppet theater shouldn’t miss the Theater am Torbogen in Rottenburg. This small, private theater cultivates the traditi- on of puppet theater and even has a children’s ensemble! Springen Sie doch mal rein WALDFREIBAD ENINGEN FEIER- ABEND- TARIF 2,10 € Anzeige